Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hey all! Happy almost Wednesday! Got some great stuff coming up for blog post numero dos, so hold on tight!

First order of business: Breakfast

Oh yeah, it's serious.

Add blueberries (mine were frozen, but fresh would be awesome).

Heat soy milk on medium for 5-8 minutes and pour over top.

We're not done yet....

AGAVE SYRUP!! (Jay pictured here)

Made short work of that one!

All in all a filling, healthy, delicious breakfast that I will consumer over and over and over again. And quick too!

Now that I've got my fuel let's move onto: Running!

A little history for you: I grew up with asthma that was mainly exercise induced and for that reason do not have much of a basis to build on as far as cardio. I am just now starting to learn how important cardio is and how I can get a little in 5 days a week.

My plan is to set aside time 5 days a week for half an hour each day where I will put myself outside with appropriate running gear, music, and a camelback. I have decided that for now, I will be just fine with however much actual running I feel I can do, but I will not go back inside, back to bed, or set to other tasks during that half hour. That will be my commitment to my body each day, whether I am able to run or just spend the entire half hour walking my neighborhood.

My first day I was able to run about 5 minutes without stopping. When I finally did stop it was because of a side ache that nearly had me doubled over. Since then I have been able to increase my total time spent running and my time without stopping by small increments each day.

Here's me right after a run on what I believe is day 2. :)

I am going to work on keeping track of my running times and will probably put those in future blog posts.

My thighs are pretty sore daily and usually I have this feeling when I'm running like maybe I'm not getting enough oxygen. Have any of you out there had a similar feeling? Is this pretty normal when you first start running? Also, if anyone's got good pre or post running stretches please share!!

Here's some post run fuel (note: this is the day before last post...usually I don't eat cereal twice a day :D)

One pugalicious glass of agua!

A sweet glass I got at an event called Pug Crawl in Portland. I do have a pug who will be featured in later posts!

1/4 organic baby seedless watermelon. First time I tried one of these and it was very flavorful. I did miss spitting the seeds a little. But only a little.

1 slice Ezekial raisin toast with Nucoa butter...

AND Oaty Bites. Pretty good for a light snack ;).

Pretty amazing stuff! Well I think that that's about it for tonight!

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