Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Da Dip!

So we made it through Wednesday. Another day another dolla dolla bill. I have to say I am pretty pumped for the upcoming 3 DAY WEEKEND 4th of July HOLLA! I may have a few inspired recipes in the works as a nod to the holiday.

As for today, I've got a great dinner recipe which is totally (speaking of dollas) money efficient and tastes awesome. As usual, another vegan recipe based on a bowl I had at Cafe Yumm once.

Dip-ity Do Da

Doesn't that look tasty?

-1/2 can black beans
-1 cup cooked rice
-1/2 cup salsa
-1.5-2 tbsp hummus
-6-10 diced olives
-2 stalks celery
-1/4 avocado
-1-2 tbsp Yum sauce (optional)


Cook rice of your choice (I usually use brown or basmati). Drain and rinse black beans, put in a bowl with salsa, hummus, diced olives and sauce. Mix this together. If you want to eat it hot, throw it in a skillet and begin heating 5-10 minutes before rice is done. Mix cooked or cold bean mixture with rice.

Chop avocado and salt lightly, then throw it on top of your mixture!

Dip celery sticks in for awesome!

It tastes great hot or cold and is SO filling. Jay brought home a little treat last night as well that we split with dinner. Presenting...

Reed's Extra Ginger Brew!!

Amazing stuff! I have no idea how many sugars are in it...and I'm not going to look right now. I put mine in an ice cold mug.

Almost gone...

I like me some gingery ale.

And as awesome as summer dipp-ity do dinner is, I also have a report for running.

Awesome thing #1: I finally got a good running tank from Lululemon at there local store on sale. After running today, I can definitely attest that it was well worth the moneys. It breathed a lot better than cotton and looked better which made me feel great. The run today was pretty congruent with my run yesterday except that I had a strange minute or two of feeling slightly euphoric while rocking out to my music on the last leg of my run.

Anybody else tend to feel random upwellings of happiness while running? I just felt like everything was synching right and I was really enjoy myself, really appreciating the moment. And believe me, I was soooooo not looking forward to my run when I woke up this morning. Ugh! I woke up tired and to make matters worse, it was cloudy and cold (and I don't have crops or any warmer gear yet!) But I made myself go out, and told myself that if I just ran for a few minutes at least I would warm up, and you know what? I did.

Tomorrow will be my first rest day after 5 days straight of running. I was a little scared that like other activities I've rested on, I will just elect to stop when Saturday rolls around and I am feeling like sleeping in. Also, I thought I might go back to square one in terms of my fitness for running. It has definitely gotten easier over just a few days and I'm anxious not to lose all that. SO I created a semi-solution which is..... bringing Jay with me on his bike! BAM!

Problem solved.

Anyway I'm outta here to catch the last bit of sunshine before tomorrow hits me like a big slap in the face (...heheh...not really ;)).

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hey all! Happy almost Wednesday! Got some great stuff coming up for blog post numero dos, so hold on tight!

First order of business: Breakfast

Oh yeah, it's serious.

Add blueberries (mine were frozen, but fresh would be awesome).

Heat soy milk on medium for 5-8 minutes and pour over top.

We're not done yet....

AGAVE SYRUP!! (Jay pictured here)

Made short work of that one!

All in all a filling, healthy, delicious breakfast that I will consumer over and over and over again. And quick too!

Now that I've got my fuel let's move onto: Running!

A little history for you: I grew up with asthma that was mainly exercise induced and for that reason do not have much of a basis to build on as far as cardio. I am just now starting to learn how important cardio is and how I can get a little in 5 days a week.

My plan is to set aside time 5 days a week for half an hour each day where I will put myself outside with appropriate running gear, music, and a camelback. I have decided that for now, I will be just fine with however much actual running I feel I can do, but I will not go back inside, back to bed, or set to other tasks during that half hour. That will be my commitment to my body each day, whether I am able to run or just spend the entire half hour walking my neighborhood.

My first day I was able to run about 5 minutes without stopping. When I finally did stop it was because of a side ache that nearly had me doubled over. Since then I have been able to increase my total time spent running and my time without stopping by small increments each day.

Here's me right after a run on what I believe is day 2. :)

I am going to work on keeping track of my running times and will probably put those in future blog posts.

My thighs are pretty sore daily and usually I have this feeling when I'm running like maybe I'm not getting enough oxygen. Have any of you out there had a similar feeling? Is this pretty normal when you first start running? Also, if anyone's got good pre or post running stretches please share!!

Here's some post run fuel (note: this is the day before last post...usually I don't eat cereal twice a day :D)

One pugalicious glass of agua!

A sweet glass I got at an event called Pug Crawl in Portland. I do have a pug who will be featured in later posts!

1/4 organic baby seedless watermelon. First time I tried one of these and it was very flavorful. I did miss spitting the seeds a little. But only a little.

1 slice Ezekial raisin toast with Nucoa butter...

AND Oaty Bites. Pretty good for a light snack ;).

Pretty amazing stuff! Well I think that that's about it for tonight!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello World!

Welcome to blog post numero uno of Nibbles That Fit! It is good to finally begin putting into documentation a few major changes I have recently ushered into my life and daily regimen. In the following paragraphs I will attempt to put into words (hopefully short and sweet!) what I mean to do here on this blog, why, and what I believe the major benefit of this is. This is as much to anchor my thoughts as it is to enlighten you, the reader. Here we go.

My primary goal is to create a casual health promoting forum which will be focused on the following:

1. Eating Healthy Tasty Stuffs! (Nibbles!!!)
2. Maintaining an Appropriate Level of Physical Health (Fit!!!)
3. Fun/Sanity: The glue that binds it all together

I'm pretty sure everything I want to write about falls under these three categories. We'll see if I can stick to it.

Why am I suddenly drawn to the blogosphere? The long and short of it is that I spent a lot of time, more specifically in college and high school, fueling my body poorly (aka eating crap or unfortunate combinations of foods), being emotionally unstable, and totally not having any fun. Being out of college has given me a good chunk of time to focus on myself, to ask why do I feel so crummy and what can I do about it? After years I am finally starting to feel like a more stable, healthy, and happy person and a lot of that has been inspired by other bloggers. I am excited to make connections with other people who are on different parts of their journey. There is so much we can learn from eachother and share.

Additionally, being a naturally forgetful person, I am hoping this blog will be a great way to remember the days of my life (no pun intended) much awesome stuff happens day to day, and it's important to remember the good things. Also, it's important to remember which blog had that awesome vegan cheese sauce that I just can't seem to remember where or who it was and....BLOG ROLL. YEAH!

I touched on this a little in inspiration, but it is also important to emphasize that this blog is based on win-win i.e. I will share what I know and my crazy often ill-begotten food experiments, and I will get to learn from your feedback so please feel free to comment, you are more than welcome!

Also, I'm pretty sure I have all but spent my boyfriend's patience with my "...awesome allergy reducing anti inflammatory snacks!" and "oh my gosh, quinoa is so good for you and let me tell you why..." and yet again "I can run without stopping 1 more minute than I did yesterday! I almost died going up the hill though..."

Nuff said.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing/thinking/pondering it's topics.

Until next time!