Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Fun!

Hey all! Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July holiday! I myself got Monday off of work...couldn't be happier!

As follows with the great American tradition, I spent my Independence Day at a friend's house eating barbecue and watching the neighbors blow up stuff. The following is a recap of my fourth starting with what I ate:

You'll hopefully excuse me for photographing my half-eaten meals lately :/. Since I've started running I've made a habit of scarfing down my food before remembering I wanted to show it to you all. SO, what I had here was an Amy's California Veggie Burger with avocado, salad greens, a little carrot, a little red pepper and some cucumber in it. Essentially I took my friend's beautiful salad and put it in my burger. She was kind enough not to be aghast. I also, ate her salad as a salad, since I could only stuff my burger so far.

Put these bad boys on the grill. The zucchini was especially delicious!

Fruit salad. I am REALLY big on fruit. YEAH!

Among other things, potato chips and cookies were also consumed, however, I do not have pictures of these. For the evenings activities we played a few rounds of "HORSE" disc golfing, where I come from a lot of people call this "folfing," but most people look at me a little funny when I say that here. There was a general suggestion that we call it "frolfing" for frisbee golfing. What do you think?

Here is what the disc golf net looks like. The object of the game is to get these mini-frisbees (the disc) into the net. If the person before you throws it under their leg while jumping off the porch and rolls into a ninja pose and their disc makes it in the net, you must exactly replicate this approach in the same manner. It was a really cool activity for people who had just stuffed themselves with awesome BBQ.

And here is the best pic I could get of a firework. It pales in comparison to what we actually saw, but there ya go!

As for running, I have been keeping my pace slow, stretching a little longer and doing about 20 minutes of actual running 6 days a week. Today was the start of my second week of running, so I have officially run 12 miles last week and two today. I'm feeling pretty good! Well, I think I'm going to keep this short and we'll see if I've got something interesting to say tomorrow.


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